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Copywriting Mastery

In this Certification Course, you’ll learn how to create a unique messaging strategy that sets you apart and shows prospects why your product or service is the BEST option.
Learn the timeless secrets of “persuasion in print” from the experts at AWAI, the world’s #1 trainer of six- and seven-figure copywriters…and discover how to apply those time-tested strategies in today’s digital media landscape!

What You’ll Learn
  • Develop a firm foundation on copywriting including what it is, how it will move your customers through the Customer Value Journey, and how to use copy to connect with your prospects on a personal level
  • Acquire the ability to write like you talk—using passion, the power of stories, and your brand’s unique voice
  • Learn how persuasive, impactful copywriting is all about developing a core benefit for your prospects
  • See an entire promotion example, from start to finish, so you can put together copy for your future campaigns

Content Marketing Mastery

In this 8-hour course you’ll learn everything you need to know about content marketing. You’ll learn about the right type of content for the right visitor, and exactly how to distribute it!

You’ll receive instant access to all 5 video modules that break down the essential skills needed to build a content marketing strategy that builds brand awareness, attracts leads, and converts your audience into loyal, repeat customers.

What You’ll Learn
  • Understand the fundamentals of effective content marketing to build a solid foundation that is used throughout the Value Journey
  • Drive awareness using blogs, podcasts, video, and other content mediums to engineer engagement
  • Generate leads by developing Lead Magnets, squeeze pages, and other assets that help you convert first-time buyers from scratch
  • Leverage customer stories, product demos, product comparisons, and social events within your content marketing strategies to convert customers and upsell your core offer

Paid Traffic Mastery

You’ll receive instant access to 8 video modules that break down the essential skills needed to craft your first (or next) successful, scalable ad campaign on the platforms your customers use. The modules are broken down into 55 video-instructed lessons, led by a powerhouse of industry experts in Facebook ads, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

What You’ll Learn
  • Create a content media strategy that you can implement in your overall digital marketing strategy
  • Identify important KPIs and how to test, troubleshoot, optimize, and scale your paid traffic campaigns
  • Build Ads across multiple platforms such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google
  • Develop a true campaign strategy that focuses on giving maximum value to your customer and move them along the Customer Value Journey

Search Marketing Mastery

This 6-hour course covers everything you need to know about creating your business’ Search Marketing strategy. In this master class, you’ll learn about the foundations of SEO including in-depth dives into On-page SEO, Technical SEO, Off-page SEO, and Local SEO. You’ll learn tactile strategies such as how to do keyword research, competitor research, optimize your content strategy for on-page SEO, how to take advantage of broken link building, and establish your authority with Google. 

What You’ll Learn
  • The Core Concepts of On-page SEO.
  • The Core Concepts of Technical SEO.
  • The Core Concepts of Off-page SEO.
  • The Core Concepts of Local SEO.
  • How to Use Competitor Research to Optimize On-page SEO.
  • How You Can Use Keyword Research to Optimize Your On-page SEO.
  • How to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile for Local SEO.
  • Understanding Google’s Algorithm Updates and How to Prevent a Future Hit to your SEO.
  • Form the Correct Partnerships to Create a Backlink Profile to Increase Your Authority with Google.
  • Learn to do a Quick Technical SEO Audit on Your Site – No Technical Knowledge Necessary

Upon successful completion of these courses and all Final Exam you will receive a Credential Badge & Certificate from DigitalMarketer 

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Offer Ends August 31st 2021

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